Does the value of online reviews differ for men & women?

New Survey says that there is a good opportunity for startups or experiences business to get a boost in their competition by getting reviews from their female customers.

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll come to know that I’m an avid local guide who loves to travel and reviews places to help others. Today, I’m not here to prove but to guide you to look into how gender can be an important thing to study customer’s behaviors in online reviews.

A company based in the UK, named BrightLocal, recently published its annual Local Customer Review Survey, which lists a representative sample of 1,000 US customers on how they do online reviews. They’ve been taking this survey for a few years now, and it always earns a lot of attention and criticism, but for the first time they have examined the age and gender divides in the replies to the survey questions.

Today I’d like to share exclusively with my Blog readers today is how men and women differ in their experiences, and attitude with, online reviews.

Before I proceed, I’d just like to say my view that gender exists on a spectrum, but for this research, we classified those who recognized themselves as male or female in their survey responses.

So without farther ado, let’s go on to the results!

37 percent of men perform it their profession to constantly check online reviews

Moving into this research, They had no preconceived assumptions about how different genders might use online reviews, but what they found were some very impressed variations in behaviors.

To begin with, while a related proportion of men and women said they “regularly” read reviews for online businesses, there’s a huge gap among the men and women who “always” read online reviews for businesses.

As you can see above, 37 percent of men said they regularly read online reviews for businesses, but a relatively little proportion of women (15 percent) do the same, favoring instead to “occasionally” read online reviews.

This means that if your consumer base is skewed to the male side, it’s very important to be spending time and effort into acquiring high-scoring reviews. Star rating isn’t the only thing to focus on, though, as our original survey reports that a huge 40 percent of customers don’t pay attention to reviews over two weeks old.

While it’s not my profession to allow opinion based on averages, it is likely that the nature of goods and services bought from local businesses by men, and their view towards shopping, influences how seriously they take a business’ reliability. Conversely, their survey suggests that women don’t seem to be positive as precise in their research, something that’s possibly affected by the age-old “flash buy.”.

44 percent of women have never been asked to leave an online review for a business

I understand that the above graph does show that the majority of respondents have been requested to leave a business review, but the real shocker here is the difference between men’s and women’s experiences.

While only a fraction of men has nevermore been asked, an important 44 percent of women haven’t either. Whether this is down to help to find men more friendly than women when it comes to getting reviews is a matter for a more precise study, but the numbers surely suggest something is preventing the growth of reviews left by women.

The additional thing to see here is the difference between the numbers of men and women willing to leave a review when asked. More than half of the all the male customers surveyed left a review when asked to, showing their enthusiasm to provide feedback, whereas a smaller (though no less important) proportion of women respond positively to a review request.

What’s the takeaway here? Make sure you or your customers’ agents are, if possible, asking somewhat equal numbers of men and women for reviews. If the above chart is to be considered, 37 percent of those women you’re not asking for reviews present a large missed opportunity, as that’s the proportion who are liable to leaving business reviews.

37 percent of men always read businesses’ responses to reviews

The newest Moz Local Search Ranking Factors Survey reveals that authorities think in the increasing impact of reviews on local pack rankings, as review signs have noticed a 2 percent hike in that survey, year on year. There’s also a lot of thought about whether acknowledging reviews helps to increase local search rankings (as well as the clear benefit that comes with dispensing your business concerns).

As a member of Moz’s survey, Ben Fisher wrote that “reviews (along with an owner’s response) show that consumers trust a business, and trust is a foundational factor in ranking,” and I firmly agree. Replying to reviews, particularly recent ones, shows that your business is active, and I’d go as far as considering search engines take this intensity into account when ranking businesses.

Consider you’ve observed this chart already? I don’t blame you! The results are exceptionally related to the topic, “Do you read online reviews for businesses?” at the top of this post. And that’s not down to the same people replying in the same way. In reality, this question was only asked to the 84 percent of respondents who told us they do read online reviews for businesses.

It’s important to a large majority of customers that businesses acknowledge to their online reviews, but interestingly, men are far more concerned with this system than women, with 37 percent of male respondents saying they always read review responses.

63 percent of women believe that negative reviews require responses, but more men feel responses to positive reviews are important


So what will you get from this data? Well before, I’d say that any local business that provides very strongly to men should be acquiring a specially strong focus on their status management and review growth strategies. Men not only value the reviews themselves but also their responses.

If you’re going with businesses for whom a female following is key, then I’d advise assuring your policy involves requesting for more reviews, whether that’s by email, a sign at the time of sale or in person after the customer activity. Our study shows that there’s an opportunity here for businesses to get ahead of their rivals by generating reviews from their female customers.

Other than that, I surely don’t feel you should be handling men and women separately when it comes to requesting for or answering to reviews. After all, the most successful reputation management approaches are often the smoothest and easiest!

It’s that time once more! Shopaholics will go free for all soon. They have marked their timetable as two huge deals go live on October 10th, 2018 i.e today onwards. The Amazon Great Indian Festival and the Flipkart’s Big Billion Days will commence, getting a huge number of with stupefying offers and arrangements over their product list.

In India, October is the long stretch of celebrations beginning with Navratri and consummation with Dussehra. Pursued by Diwali, the month points a blockbuster happy season. Hence, this is the prime time to search for those much looked for after items that you’ve been setting something aside for.

In 2017, amid the initial 20 hours into the huge billion days deal, Flipkart delivered a record 1.3 million cell phones. Taking references from the previous year and the expanded inundation of electronic gadgets in India, that number is doubtlessly going to raise as Flipkart prepares for the deal.

With respect to the Indian Amazon Prime supporters, the Great Indian Festival will begin at an opportune time October 9th, at 12 toward the evening, giving them a 12-hour elbowroom before going live for every other person. Out of line much? All things considered, you could simply get that Prime participation for ₹999/year or a month to month access for ₹129 every month.

Presently, it’s not only two deals, as Tata Cliq and Snapdeal have likewise arranged for a bit of the pie.

With such a large number of offers and gives, it can turn into a meticulous exertion searching for items with the best costs. This is the place Techsense has got you secured. We present to all of you the best arrangements and offers from Amazon’s Great Indian Festival and Flipkart’s Big Billion Days as they go live, ideal here.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2018 (October 10 – 15)

While the genuine Amazon Great Indian Festival deal will begin from October 10, Amazon Prime individuals are qualified for an early access to the deal. For them, Amazon India will run live with the deal alongside some exceptional arrangements on 12 hours sooner on October 9 at 12 twelve.

Amazon India has begun prodding its items for the deal that incorporates offers crosswise over different item classes. Amid the Great Indian Festival deal, Amazon anticipates offering its top-rated items at a substantially lesser cost, alongside up to 55% off on hardware, earphones from ₹349 and up to ₹3,500 markdown all alone gadgets like Kindle and Echo.

The deal will likewise highlight in excess of 1 lakh bargains on Mobile frill, beginning for as low as ₹89. On the Amazon application, clients will have the capacity to take an interest in the App Jackpot challenge where they could win prizes worth over ₹5 lakhs. There will likewise be application elite arrangements where items will be accessible on up to 60% rebates.

For clients looking at to purchase a cell phone amid this merry season, Amazon’s Great Indian Festival deal won’t be a baffle for you. With trade offers on various telephones, clients can simply substitute their current cell phone for a trade an incentive on the cell phone they need to purchase.

Alongside this, Amazon will likewise be putting forth a 1-year free screen trade for each cell phone sold amid the deal. There is a no-cost EMI choice for various items also. To put it plainly, you are left without any reasons to purchase your most loved item you needed to purchase from so long.

Rebates and offers on an assortment of brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, HP, Lenovo, Honor, Samsung, Western Digital, Motorola, Canon, Huawei, Bose, Realme, bOAT, and JBL, to give some examples, will go live amid the deal and you can expect stunning arrangements consistently. At that point there’s the Vivo V9 Pro which dispatches amid the Great Indian Festival and the Mi TV Pro which will go at a bargain out of the blue.

Flipkart The Big Billion Days (October 10-15)

Giving an extreme rivalry to Amazon’s Great Indian Festival deal is The Big Billion Days by Flipkart. Not at all like Amazon, the Big Billion Days deal will go live side-effect classes. On October 10, clients will have the entrance to design, TV and machines, home and furniture, excellence, sports and toys and keen gadgets offers, trailed by Mobiles, devices and frill bargains from October 11.

Like Amazon Prime individuals, Flipkart Plus endorsers can likewise benefit the restrictive early access to the deal. This 3-hour early access will be initiated for them on October 9 from 9 PM.

Amid the Big Billion Days Sale, classifications like television and machines, devices and extras and brilliant gadgets will pull in up to 80% rebate. Flipkart will uncover new arrangements at regular intervals and will likewise offer additional rebates as ‘Surge Hour’ for the initial two long periods of the deal each day and ‘Maha Price Drop’ which offers an additional 20% markdown on the as of now reduced item bargain. The e-posterior will likewise be facilitating streak deals with more than 120 arrangements.

Clients who will shop from Flipkart amid the deal are qualified for getting a level 15% and ₹250 off when making a buy of ₹2,500 and ₹2,000 separately.

Flipkart is putting forth some extraordinary EMI choices for purchasers also, with no-cost EMIs on charge, credit and Bajaj Finserv cards.

In the event that a client makes installment through PhonePe, they will get an extra cashback of 10%. With this, Flipkart, surprisingly, will present to 90% buyback esteem on cell phones.

A Complete Mobile Protection plan from Flipkart will likewise be accessible to buy, beginning from a value go, as low as ₹99. This thorough assurance plan will cover screen and water harm, equipment/programming issues, notwithstanding burglary security. Prior, Flipkart used to offer these administrations independently at various costs. Presently it appears, they will offer a bundled bargain as the Complete Mobile Protection plan.

SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization isn’t really troublesome, yet it can be in fact complex. It likewise requires information on many distinctive interfacing positioning factors; if something turns out badly, you should have the capacity to pinpoint the base of the issue and make an important move to look after advance. While there are numerous magnificent assets that can enable you to take in the nuts and bolts of SEO, numerous business people like to outsource their SEO battle to a merchant. In spite of the fact that they ordinarily cost somewhere close to overspending on SEO i.e ₹10,000 to ₹1,00,000 a month, the great ones are justified, despite all the trouble.

In any case, imagine a scenario where you’re accidentally overspending on SEO to your merchant. It can occur in a couple of primary ways:

You’re spending above-market costs: In case you’re spending more than what’s broadly viewed as sensible extents, you could be overspending. You aren’t getting administrations for the full estimation of your cash. You can likewise overspend in case you’re spending inside acknowledged sensible midpoints, however, aren’t getting the same number of administrations, or an indistinguishable nature of administration from you could or ought to be.

You aren’t seeing satisfactory outcomes: You may pay a reasonable rate for reasonable administrations, however in the event that you aren’t getting any positive outcomes, at that point your ROI(Return on Investment) is negative, and in this manner, you’re overspending. Any of these conditions can bargain the viability of your crusade (and waste your cash), so how might you tell in the event that they’re going on?

Stage 1: Look at Your Results

To begin with, investigate the outcomes you’ve been getting over this time of engagement. What amount of an expansion in rush hour gridlock have you seen? How have your rankings changed? There is, obviously, a proviso to this; SEO is a system intensely subject to time periods. Amid your initial a half year of engagement, you may see practically zero outcomes at all. Amid your next a half year to a year, you may see a blast of results, trailed by a decrease of consistent losses that level off to a relentless rate of development. Remember this development bend when judging the nature of your outcomes.

Stage 2: Calculate Your ROI

Your SEO organization might have the capacity to support your natural activity, yet what amount is that truly profiting you? Investigate your ROI by deciding the normal esteem per web guest you get, and increasing it by the normal month to month development in rush hour gridlock your SEO office is coming back to you. At that point, contrast that figure with the sum you’re going through with them consistently. Is it true that you are getting more of an incentive than you’re spending for? In case you’re a year or more into a crusade, you ought to be. There’s just a single special case here: if your web guest esteem is low since you have a low transformation rate or a poor productivity demonstrate, you can’t blame the SEO organization for your low ROI.

Stage 3: Analyze Your SEO Package

Work with your SEO account administrator to assess your present bundle, and what administrations are incorporated with it. You may be astounded to discover that there are a few administrations missing, or that you’re qualified for specific administrations that you aren’t taking the full preferred standpoint of. Work to comprehend which of these is really basic for seeing more outcomes, and which fill in as incidental lighten. Take notes here, as your bundle depiction will be critical for the subsequent stage.

Stage 4: Research the Competition

Utilize Google to investigate SEO offices (all things considered, in the event that they’re doing admirably in Google then they will probably have the capacity to enable you to accomplish your positioning objectives). What kinds of bundles would they say they are putting forth? What kinds of costs would they be able to give you? Here, you ought to have the capacity to decide if your bundle is “typical” as far as administrations or potential costs, and make a firm assurance of whether you’re spending above equitable esteem.

Stage 5: Consider Qualitative Factors

Not all esteem is innately attached to target administrations rendered or even quantifiable outcomes. Before concluding your decision, consider how these subjective variables may impact the esteem you’re getting from your present accomplice:

Client benefit: The additional client benefit you get, including the agreeableness and compatibility of your record administrator, can make running your battle smoother and more pleasant.
Adaptability: It pays to have an accomplice who will roll out improvements to your record on the fly, and who’s accessible for discussion whenever. It might be justified regardless of the additional cash to get this.
The sense of duty regarding comes about: At the point when your battle is straggling, how does your organization respond? On the off chance that they make a special effort to support your crusade, or give you additional administrations, they might be justified regardless of the additional cash you’re spending each month.
History: To what extent have you been with this organization? Sooner or later, you may need to cut your misfortunes, however, it’s constantly ideal to work with an office that is as of now acquainted with your image. Beginning without any preparation with another organization is somewhat of a bet, and may cost you an opportunity to warm up to them.
In the event that you find you’re spending excessively for SEO, there are a couple of steps you can take. On the off chance that you esteem the general population you’ve been working with, you may have the capacity to renegotiate your agreement, getting a lower cost, or more administrations in return for the cash. Else, you can search for new statements from contending offices.
In the event that you reveal to them what you’re spending, and why you’re unsatisfied with the work, they may even work doubly difficult to keep you around. Simply be mindful so as not to construct your choice to intensely in light of cost; in the SEO world, the expression “you get what you pay for” is exceedingly valid.

There have been many gossips in Facebook Groups and SEO forums of websites losing 25-35% traffic.If you have Customer or websites which have lost 25-35% lately, the Google Maccabees aka Fred Update update may have hit or penalize your websites.

Barry Schwartz Tweet

Barry Schwartz from SERound table has been collecting information and examples from friendly and sharing SEO’s to analyze this Google Fred update which has been framed ‘Maccabees’ update by Barry himself. With 100+ websites now reviewed that have been hit/penalized by the update, it seems the fugitive for this is sites with numerous page targeting multiple keyword permutations.

So what exactly “Google Maccabees aka Fred Update” mean?

Targeting many keyword permutations on multiple pages is an old tactic but still used widely today in affiliate websites, real estate, travel & e-commerce.

Targeting multiple keyword permutations

Different pages for each area with short/similar content

It used to work especially well to catch all the alternative/permutations of keywords in the long tail. Longtail keyword which is dedicated to a particular page would give it the first choice in google search results. Repeat this over all the keywords in your business and you could accomplish on the comparatively easy and high converting keywords.

For Ex: Travel websites may have different pages targeting each of the following:

  • cheap Honeymoon packages to Goa
  • low-cost Goa Honeymoon packages
  • cheap Honeymoon packages to Goa
  • etc

An Affiliate website may have a different page targeting each of the following:

  • How to get rid of bedbug
  • how to get rid of bedbug in the house
  • how to get rid of bedbug in your house fast
  • how to get rid of bedbug at home
  • etc

Now, the keywords above, even though are same, have very high traffic on their website and you can accept why SEO’s were proper targeting for each of them with different pages


This is a horrible User Interface(UI) experience. Targeted pages in this update will be low quality, short content, and friendly for search engines.

How To Fix This Issue?


Except there is a very good logic for different pages for each keyword, you shouldn’t load your website with these low-quality pages.


Some sites like the screenshot above, have very good logic to have a page for each permutation or location. The site in the question above shows average house prices, unique local info, and maps on each page. It is not just a short content page designed to attract visitors from search, there is value on the page.

If there is no hope for value for your site or your customer’s website when searching for target permutations, consider a separate approach.

Use one page to target numerous similar keywords. This should be done within the used page keyword. But don’t need to worry about getting google bot about this and targeting each keyword permutation within the anchor text using frequent and keyword stuffing.

Anyhow, use keyword tools, but most importantly write for humans. Google is very good at counting out customers i.e searchers intent, and it’s getting much better day by day. You need to have the exact keyword anchor text on your website page to have it rank and be exposed to customers i.e searchers.

For example these keywords:

  • How to get rid of bedbug
  • how to get rid of bedbug in the house
  • how to get rid of bedbug in your house fast
  • how to get rid of bedbug at home

Could all be targeted from one page.
and so could these:

  • cheap Honeymoon Packages to Goa
  • low-cost Goa Honeymoon Packages
  • cheap Honeymoon Packages to Goa

This is a much more user-friendly and evergreen approach and way of thinking that will give your site more durability. If you have a high page authority and site are well-loved by users, it shouldn’t be a problem ranking a page for the permutation keyword traffic you were picking from different pages.
If you are targeting locations, consider specifying these, but you really need a low-quality short content page for each one?

I hope this helps you, I will keep this page updated with more as I find out!

As I mentioned, the Google’s SEO(Search Engine Optimization) community noticed final week beginning around 12th December a larger Google update which many people named as the Google Maccabees Update (Note: Officially it is “Fred” announced by Google) update. Early on I shared the forum chatter and algorithm monitoring tools to reveal that it became more widespread than the typical update.

What are Google Maccabees Update i.e Fred Update?

I then asked Google SEOs and Google Webmasters(i.e site owners) to submit example websites hit by this update or going to face the update. I have now over a hundred sites that I surveyed and I’ve provided you with my early study of the kinds of websites hit by way of this update. Before I point it, let me say that an awesome quantity of websites that were sent to me did not fit in this profile and also, I discovered multiple patterns, not just one, which may additionally mean that multiple updates rolled out, which of the route is the Google line on Google’s algorithmic updates.

Those seem to be global, no longer just impacting US or English websites but all languages and regions.

Update at 2:00 PM EST(Eastern Standard Time) Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that there had been a few updates around this time. The statement Google sent became “We launched numerous minor upgrades at some point of this time frame, part of our regular and habitual efforts to enhance relevancy.”

Permutations of Keyword:

By using ways, the biggest bulk of sites that I noticed got hit all had heaps and tons of touchdown pages target big arrays of Permutations of Keyword. So for example, if they are a tour website, they could goal all of the destinations they carrier and also upload landing pages for [destination sub name] + [activity name] and occasionally even cross beyond that. in the event that they have been a carrier enterprise, they might goal [city name] + [service A] after which [city name] + [service B] and so forth.

There have been many patterns and sorts of websites doing this throughout blogs, journey, e-commerce, directories, and extra.

I need to add that there has been an amazing variety of e-commerce websites, tour sites and assessment sites submitted to me. most of these suit the keyword diversifications version.

Maccabees aka Fred symptoms

There have been added some websites that appeared extra Fred associated which changed into more around low cost and advert heavy/associate heavy websites. So there was an awesome quantity of sites that matched the one’s profiles. After which there were websites that appeared designed genuinely well, high-quality content for users, exquisite features, clean consumer interface, speedy, useful, etc that were given hit that I cannot determine out why. I didn’t do deep dives on link profiles, but I did check many hyperlink indicators on the one’s websites and maximum appeared ordinary. So I cannot determine out why a few websites that regarded to me to be solid got hit. Of path, there may be some collateral harm with this Google Maccabees replace but who is aware of. That is what I found after surveying a one hundred+ sites.

I did not evaluation tens of thousands of sites, due to the fact I simplest noticed one hundred and I’m a human, so maybe a number of the statistics companies will do a bigger analysis. I do hope this enables people and that I do experience really terrible for a number of the websites that have been submitted to me. They do not need to see such declines in their Google organic site visitors based on my evaluation.

Hello, my name is Bhaskar Garibidi. I’m a freelance web designer mumbai. If you have a project or creative requirement need that I can help

I started as professional web developer in Mumbai India around four years back. From last two year i am freelance web designer mumbai India and enjoying it more than my 9 to 6 job. Because it gives me chance to meet new people, Interact with them and more importantly its give me much more challenging tasks. I develop personal portfolio & websites as well as corporate websites & web applications. My pricings are affordable & reasonable so startup & small business owner or individual can develop there website to reach there goals and enhance there business. I m still improving my skills by learning new technologies & programming languages and keeping me updated with the current trend.

I’m possessed with making stuffs and even more possessed with making stuffs better. By ensuing my graduation from the University of Mumbai, I’ve been strongly tangled in the web design community for the last 4+ years. I’ve developed & designed websites, graphics for many & businesses. I also have major skills in company branding, WordPress Development, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, Core PHP/MySQL, etc.

I have Expertise in front-end UI/UX web design and development, making Wireframe/design mock in Photoshop /illustrator. And converting it into Elegant, semantic HTML/HTML5 & CSS/CSS3. My Hobbies & interests, however, expand beyond the websites and web application and I love helping people with branding, print design and marketing strategy for their business for making online presence.

You can follow below link for my portfolio:

Web Portfolio : https://www.bhaskargaribidi.com/project-portfolio/
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I also have experience in CRM web applications development. Recently launched a Directory CRM Web based application for some key industry i.e. Website.Community with affordable price. When I’m not Development & designing, I’m probably hanging out with my friends, playing games on PS4 or exploring new technologies around of gadgets launched.

Do whatever in life but do not be lifeless before you try this 10 things to do before you die in India.

Our country has a lot to offer in support of individuals who have a real desire for curiosity about traveling and knowing places, would really know what treasure is concealed in India to explore, and exactly how! India is not really a place a person can explore in a chance, you would significantly need travel goals and love to explore everything.

Here are Amazing Travel bucket list: 10 things to do before you die in India

Gujarat – Great Rann Of Kutch
Gujarat - Great Rann Of Kutch

This is a location that is clearly a magic of white that shines in several colours combined with the sunshine. The ‘Great Rann of Kutch’ is white fine sand (which is actually sodium) and it expands till your eye|sight hurt and you could search no further. This place is famous both, for the white fine sand and the fantastic Kutch Festival.

Assam – Majuli
Assam - Majuli

Majuli is without a doubt one of the very most surreal places in India. which is one of the most significant|major river Island. It really is one of the places saturated in tribal population and it is also shown as UNESCO history location. Additionally it is known|referenced as the ethnical capital of Assam. The perfect time to go to Majuli is between your months of Oct to March.

Meghalaya – Living Root Bridge

Created from the Ficus Elastica tree, this bridge can carry 50 people set up. Situated in Meghalaya, this place is a normally natural means occurring wonder. A few of its root base are so long as 100 ft long. Even though they take 10 to 15 years to be practical, they are really strong! This place is unquestionably essential visit before you leave this world finally.

Kerala – Munnar

Munnar is a town in the Traditional western Ghat Mountains range in Kerela. A previous – top notch retreat for Britishers, this is a lovely hill train station and tea plantation put in place India. The expansive view is so surreal you’ll feel just like a ‘protagonist in a full time income painting’.

Spiti Valley – Key Monastery

Key Monastery till day time frame out is one of the very most unexplored and surreal places in India. Spiti Valley is situated at high altitude in the Eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. The spot is actually desert hill|pile valley and it is also renowned because of its untouched beauty and monasteries. Key Monastery can be found at an altitude of 4,112 meters. Built-in around 14th hundred years, the structures is a Chinese language influence.

Arunachal Pradesh – Ziro

Another less popular but amazingly surreal put in place|devote India is Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. From the typically offbeat location destination to visit and has amazing weather climate over summer and winter to go to this place. The area boasts of the stunning skyline, rice areas and it’s really a home to Apa Tani tribe.

Rajasthan – Chand Baori

The 13-tales deep well, that requires for deep under the ground, is a lovely architectural masterpiece that is some 1000 years of age. old. Gleam temple so that you can|that you can explore touching the finish of the well. The structures supports double airline flight landing, which is merely amazing!

Gujarat – Champaner

Champaner, Pavagadh is recognized as on of the UNESCO History site. This place has a historical charm that is hung
in the air. Actually, it is stated that Pavagadh is only the chunk of mountains that ‘Hanuman’ taken for Sanjeevni medication. Interesting, indeed.

Nagaland – Dzukou Valley, Kohima

Dzukou Valley which is situated 25 Kilometers from Kohima, Nagaland can be found 1500 mts. above the ocean level. This place is unbelievably beautiful. This valley becomes pretty tones of red and white in its full blooming season with the entire bloom of rhododendron, lilies and wildflowers.

Himachal Pradesh – Tirthan Valley

This place is one of the very most surrealistic and untouched places in India. Tirthan Valley offers something to provide everyone from experience to just chilling under the pine trees and shrubs. Also, this place has its mysteries to provide and so that you can|that you can explore.

India beholds a lot within to be explored. It seems nothing significantly less than a continent alone. Just release and visit these places before you finally bet ‘Adieu’ to Globe!

Startup Company forecasts suggest that ecommerce is exploding, which means that now could be the proper time for startups to firmly establish their online stores. there are various approaches for nurturing a brand new online commercial company. in case you’re just getting started, now could be the best time to ensure all the elements on your online success are in place.

1. Carefully target the Active and Online audience.
Ecommerce depends in large part on a reputable, available online presence. To be recognized as such, corporations ought to make themselves available to individuals who are maximum possibly to be aware. identify the demographic traits of clients who will benefit from relevant services and products, and base marketing techniques on these details.

2. Create High-Quality & Unique content and post it at high speed.
High-Quality & Unique content material is defined as applicable and engaging statistics that encourages web site site visitors to return inside the future. content must mirror the given logo in tone and style, and encompass the employer’s mission statement, services and rules. It have to also provide industry schooling and urge interplay with purchasers. this will take the shape of asking questions, answers to which can be furnished in on-line comment sections. interplay can also take region through surveys and contests.

But internet-primarily based groups live and die through their on-line visibility and credibility, and they’re judged by way of extra than just customers. They’re additionally judged with the aid of engines like google, which play a chief role in bestowing that credibility and visibility. within the wake of latest protection vulnerabilities making country wide headlines together with the HeartBleed bug, relaxed internet web hosting which thwarts vulnerabilities is vital for preserving credibility, and fast website load times are crucial for turning in a tremendous consumer experience, maximizing sales conversions and optimizing from an seo (search engine optimization) attitude.

Amazon suggested a 1% revenue growth for every 100 milliseconds improvement in load time. moreover, Google has stated that rapid load speeds are certainly a issue inside the ranking set of rules. In reaction, VPS website hosting is speedy becoming greater famous among new groups trying to maximize web page speed, as opposed to standard, shared hosting services.

3. Customize content.
Visitors understand that precise, individualized internet studies are feasible, that’s why they assume such capabilities. Take advantage of to be had era that can generate shopping choices based totally on private alternatives. whilst some of the bigger web sites (Google, Apple, fb, etc.) have apps built into their system that identify users and track their on-line actions, small agencies might focus on smaller CRM solutions. Batchbook, ContactMe, and Zoho are perfect CRM software answers for small groups, each costing less than $20 a month.

4. Spend money on mobile abilties.
Customer use of mobile devices is greater than ever before, that is why a strong mobile ecommerce platform is important. to be had answers consist of mobile web sites, responsive web sites, apps, click-to-call gear, maps and actual-time notifications.

5. Integrate sales channels.
Enable customers to enjoy the emblem in addition across all channels of interaction and techniques of purchasing. Promotions, merchandise, services, agency information and regulations should be to be had both on and offline.

6. Recall subscription.
Subscription trade happens in numerous bureaucracy. for instance, the replenishment model allows for a product to be despatched to a client every month or different normal basis. the invention model provides for brand new and interesting studies with every shipping. these may include custom designed or uncommon items. It’s as much as the organization to determine which shape of subscription works fine for them, and to put into effect that into their income and advertising and marketing techniques. most CRM software and programs prepare client data that can be used to delineate and tune which version each customer prefers and whether or not the patron has subscribed or not.

7. Son’t forget logistics.
Scalability is critical to growing a enterprise. to accommodate growth, 1/3-parties consisting of UPS, Nippon express, or DB Schenker may be depended upon to control huge and complicated transactions. costs will range based totally upon the size of the transaction, the size of shipments, the gap that products want to be shipped or the complexity of the transaction. 1/3-birthday party logistics end up greater price powerful as a startup company grows and handles larger transactions. reverse logistics — the green dealing with of product exchanges and returns — is considerable as properly.

For net-based corporations, internet site speed, safety and infrastructure are crucial foundations of no longer only logistics, however additionally seo. those aspects of online business translate to higher search engine visibility, resulting in greater site visitors, leads, brand credibility and sales. speeding up your internet site is essential for online logistics.

8. Skip the middlemen.
thanks to the net, small companies can reach customers quickly and without difficulty. additionally, producers are an increasing number of eager to work at once with small businesses because they realise small brands are probable to deliver new and progressive products to the market — they’re less limited by using minimum shelf space and complicated supply chains.

9. Sell net-only products.
Even though vital to keep continuity throughout a couple of income channels, it is nevertheless feasible to provide merchandise thru the internet handiest. Doing so builds an exclusive brand with ecommerce because the core distribution channel. via imparting certain merchandise in handiest one area, it is possible to maintain greater control over margins.

10. Curate a proprietary choice.
Proprietary choice refers to a strategy dedicated to “curating” a deep but narrow array of distinct products in a selected section. these areas supply the relevant products the charm of difference due to authentic traits and the issue of locating such a diffusion some place else.

One of the fundamental desires of any business is regular increase. through cautious strategic making plans, best advertising campaigns and a healthful mixture of the stairs outlined above, conversions are probable to boom steadily.

Freelance Web Designer or Agency? Whom in the event you hire and just why?

If you’re going through this post guessing that it’ll offer you a clear-cut response to the above mentioned question i.e “Freelance Web Designer or Agency? Whom in the event you hire and just why?“, you should stop reading now. Exactly like paper versus plastic, there are occasions where either of your options would be the better choice. Alternatively, the goal of this Post is to think about the pro’s and con’s of every, using five important standards that will help you determine which is the best fit for implementing your project. But first let’s begin by going for a closer take a look at what both typically have to provide.

Freelance Web Designer:

Corresponding to dictionary.com, a freelancer is “someone who works as a article writer, developer, performer, or so on, Offering work or services per hour, day, job, etc., somewhat than focusing on a normal salary basis for just one workplace.” While there are full-time freelancers out there, it isn’t unusual for freelancers to get full-time day careers and grab freelance work they can do during the night or on the weekends for more income. Because most freelancers focus on one area, such as writing or design, it could be difficult to acquire one freelancer to meet all your needs.


A company, on the other hands, is “a business, company or bureau that delivers some service for another.” Typically a company is made up of those who may be specialists in their particular fields (graphical design, web development, marketing, writing, etc.) and accomplish specific roles for every single project while pursuing established procedures under a clear string of demand. While this generally means higher over head and an increased cost, it also compatible a broader selection of services and on-demand availableness.

Since there may be benefits and drawbacks to dealing with each, this Post will make an effort to provide a good comparison of every in conditions of five areas that are most significant to possible clients: price, quality, time for you to, experience and stability.


. The truth is, cost only is usually the number one cause of your choice of who to employ. However, it’s important to consider other factors before awarding the work.


Theoretically, quality should be the main driver in your choice. You’ve noticed to the appearance “you get what you purchase,” which is normally true. Even though or Although the purchase price is right, take time to see the agency’s or freelancer’s profile and make sure their style and quality is an excellent fit for you.

Time to Conclusion

Regardless of how good the product quality or how low the price, it won’t would you worthwhile if assembling your project comes in past due and also you simply miss a crucial deadline. When you have a job that absolutely must strike a specific release, this may be the single most significant requirements for your choice preference|for you to decide.


The easy simple truth is the more capable you are, the better you are. Selecting an inexperienced freelancer at a less hourly rate could in the end cost you more if it requires the freelancer 40 time but could have taken a company professional only 20.


Nothing at all or nothing can damage a job faster than placing|adding trust in a person who isn’t dependable. If you have ever experienced unanswered e-mails or calls that regularly go right to voicemail, you can relate with precisely how important this standards is.
Now that you realize the decision-making standards, check out the next chart which was created to offer an at-a-glance reference concerning how freelancers and agency build up in each category.


I am Bhaskar Garibidi —An avid freelance web-developer and designer. I am into the making of variations of websites and web applications, using CMS, viz., WordPress, Core PHP, Magento, etc. However, I am keenly interested in R&D in the realm of CMS; and the making of diverse and most advanced and Custom CMS-based websites.

I am a pro at troubleshooting gitches in any code of PHP Web Application, WordPress, Magento, Opencart, …, etc. I have been maintaining numerous websites and I undertake opportunities to rectify error(s), install plugins, creating theme, implementing APIs, Payment gateways and add features to the existing websites.

My interests are not only limited to web development/designing sphere, but also into the sphere of mobile technology (mobile phones and handheld computers)—the next generation of mobile networks—because as the world evolves, the technology evolves too, and I want to be a voracious contributor to the futuristic technological evolution. I want to explore more into Android iphone and Windows OS based applications, and want to get more acquainted with it.

I am an account holder in various sites, namely — fiverr.com, freelancer.com, behance.com, elance.com, and many more. I have an immense knowledge in PHP/MySql, jQuery, Ajax, PHP frameworks and more. I curiously hunt for technological knowhow and proficiency, and would love to work on multi-dimensional and cutting edge projects, given the chance.

Initially, during the phase of establishing myself in this job, I undertook work through various web sources, this helped me immensely in understanding the nuances about this job and eventually gained momentum to progress outstandingly.

As a person, I am indeed blessed to be very expressive, outward, candid, and joyous, and all these ingredients play a pivotal role for me to build contacts with my clients/colleagues and sustain them for the long-term collaboration.

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, companies are more drifting toward freelance web developer/designer, rather than hiring employee(s) at work, which is logically ideal for the company’s cost savings.

You can contact me through­­—Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Instagram.

So, no more contemplating and get in touch with me today. Together, let’s make a difference!

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