Kashmir Forum

Published Date : September 28th, 2017     Posted by : Bhaskar Garibidi

Kashmir Forum reflects the work of Dr. Vijay Sazawal, who was born in undivided Jammu and Kashmir (frequently called Kashmir). Numerous attempts by global powers, regional countries, multilateral agencies, and cerebral think tanks have been unsuccessful in resolving the Kashmir issue since 1947. The insight that Dr. Sazawal brings to resolving the Kashmir issue is very different from various text-book approaches followed until now. The articles written by Dr. Sazawal expound on his belief that a solution to the Kashmir problem lies closer to home – through reformation of Kashmiri society that has produced powerful oligarchies who are exploiting public emotion and seeding alienation at the expense of victims who constitute the majority of its people. This awareness is beginning to reflect in classified cables that western diplomats in New Delhi are sending to their home capitals. See, for example, the classified assessment by Ambassador Mulford to Washington as provided by WikiLeaks.